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  • ♥ A PERFECT GIFT FOR TEA LOVERS ♥ Our popular Standard Herbal Tea Sampler makes the perfect gift for avid herbal tea drinkers who have a sweet tooth. Save 10% each on qualifying Tea Drops items when you purchase 2 or more. Enter code TDROPS10.
  • ♥ LOOSE LEAF TEA WITHOUT THE FUSS ♥ These organic morsels of finely-sourced loose leaf organic tea, raw sugar, and aromatic spices meld in perfect harmony to create a blissful organic herbal tea blend that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Our standard tea sampler includes a total of 8 tea drops. Two of each: Energizing Matcha Green Tea (Caffeinated), Calming Rose Earl Grey (Caffeinated), Refreshing Citrus Ginger (Caffeine-Free), Cooling Sweet Peppermint (Caffeine-Free).
  • ♥ ACTUAL AMAZON REVIEWS ♥ "Theses drops save you the time of soaking a teabag by devolving instantly in hot water. I love these little teadrops. I got this as a gift for a health-conscious friend. He absolutely loves it. He drives truck and it is so convenient for him to just get hot water and presto, hot tea. He loves it. No tea bag to deal with.
  • ♥ TEA SEDIMENT ♥ Tea Drops are produced with genuine tea leaves that are delicately ground and pressed together with no additives, just tea, and a little sugar! That's why there will be tea sediment at the bottom of your cup much like when you make french press coffee! This residue is safe to drink, rich in nutrients and antioxidants and a great source of vitamins and immunity aids. You can drink the loose leaf tea residue at the bottom of your cup or if it's not for you, skip the last sip!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ♥ 100% Recyclable, Compostable, & Bio-degradable! Packaging protects each individually wrapped TeaDrops. Our classic wood tea boxes are composed of high-quality Paulownia wood that features a luxe sliding top for easy access to your favorite individually wrapped Tea Drops. We strive to foster community and connection through our tea products. That's why Tea Drops sources our teas from around the world and lovingly craft our USDA Certified organic tea products in the USA.
Our Founder, Sashee Chandran Discusses Why She Founded The Tea Drops Brand

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What makes your product special?

  • Recyclable, Compostable, & Bio-degradable

    Our 100% recyclable packaging protects each individually wrapped Tea Drops to

    enable you to enjoy the perfect cup of tea on the go. Our cardboard tea boxes are

    also 100% biodegradable and compostable.

  • No Tea Waste

    Tea Drops morsels are shaped from finely ground organic tea, raw sugar, and spices.

    This eliminates the need for teabags and sweetener packets.

  • Reusable

    Breathe new life into your wooden Tea Drops box by using it as keepsake box, planter,

    or anything else your heart desires. Paulowina wood is naturally resistant to termites,

    won't warp in heat or humidity, and takes well to stain.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

My own experience of craving a loose leaf tea that was convenient for a busy, on-the-go

lifestyle, inspired me to create Tea Drops. After two years of experimenting with different

tea blends and processes in my own apartment -- on weekends and weeknights -- Tea Drops

was born.

It was only a matter of time until I left the corporate world with the support of my family,

friends, and colleagues to launch Tea Drops. I remain overwhelmed with the amount of

support and encouragement Tea Drops has received. Tea Drops has since been named one

of the most innovative beverages of the year and touted as "Clever, unique, and delicious too!"

by the Specialty Food Association. Our journey in this short time has been nothing short of

amazing, and I am sincerely grateful that you've joined us!


Sashee Chandran

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