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  • This device is for computer peripherals or car to heat or cool drinks via USB power cord, able to drink cold drinks in hot summer days or hot drinks in chilly winter, no matter inside the car or next to the computer, this device can provide you the excellent lifestyle.
  • USB mini fridge built in the heating and cooling function, work on any weather or season,use ABS engineering plastics, more durable.
  • USB Coaster is excellent for using at home, office and on board, using low voltage and universal USB power, it is safe and convenient. The appearance is concise, volume is small and exquisite, carry more convenient.
  • The cold hot amphibious, the four seasons all appropriate; USB ice coaster is a multifunctional coaster, with cooling and heating function, small size, is a high-end gifts.
  • USB mug warmer fully compatible with all the PC operating system, without the driver support, plug and play; compatible with USB1.1/2.0.
Product Description

Colour Name:4

The main features of USB ice coaster:

1. Cold and hot seasons;

2. The appearance is simple, the volume is small, carry is more convenient;

3. Warmer usb coasters uses ABS engineering plastic, more durable;

4. USB interface power supply, without additional power supplies, more worry;

5. Fully compatible with all operating systems of the PC machine, no driver support, plug and play;

6. Fully compatible with USB1.1/2.0;

7. USB mini fridge uses high precision semiconductor refrigeration chip, service life can reach 100 thousand hours, and without any pollution;

8. Power consumption is only 3.5W, more energy saving.


Product size: 13.8 * 8.7 * 4.0CM

USB cable length: 1000mm

Working line length: 850mm

Applicable cup: 75MM diameter flat metal cup below

Cooling power consumption: 5v 800mA

Heating power consumption: 5v 550mA

Hot-swappable, easy to use.

OS: IBM PC / MAC compatibles

This device is suitable for USB interface computers and related equipment.


Warmer usb coasters must be plugged directly into a computer USB port to use, using the relevant HUB USB hub and other related auxiliary equipment will reduce performance or cause equipment not be used.

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